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Branded Entertainment: Don't Miss Out

You may not know what I mean by branded entertainment, but I guarantee you've seen some form of it.

So what is it?

Branded entertainment is a form of advertising in which a brand or product is integrated into a piece of content, such as a documentary, reality show, web series, scripted TV show, movie, or podcast. You've probably seen or heard of popular examples like The Lego Movie, Formula 1: Drive to Survive, Selling Sunset, but there are countless examples from large corporations to very small businesses.

My favorite examples is PBC, a scripted comedy web show all about accountants and accounting, promoting FloQast - a Accounting Workflow Automation Software company. Sounds boring right? But hear me out, they got cast members from The Office and Danny Trejo - and its actually pretty funny. So now, someone who does accounting for my business, now knows about an accounting software company I would've never have heard about otherwise.

Check out the trailer for it here:

The goal of branded entertainment is to create an emotional connection between your audience, the consumer or customer, and the brand or business, rather than simply promoting the product or service through traditional advertising methods.

There are several benefits to using branded entertainment as a marketing strategy:

  1. Increased brand awareness: By integrating a brand into a piece of popular content, the brand is exposed to a large audience, leading to increased brand awareness.

  2. Positive association: When a brand is associated with a piece of content that is well-liked by consumers, the brand is likely to be viewed positively by those consumers.

  3. Increased engagement: Branded entertainment allows brands to create content that is more engaging and interactive, leading to a more positive consumer experience.

  4. Cost-effective: Branded entertainment can be a cost-effective way to reach a large audience, as it allows brands to piggyback on the popularity of existing content rather than having to create and promote their own content.

  5. Targeting specific audience: By choosing the right type of content and placing the brand in the right context, brands can target specific audience segments and demographics.

  6. Long-term impact: Branded entertainment can have a long-term impact on consumer perceptions of a brand, as it creates a lasting emotional connection between the consumer and the brand.

Overall, branded entertainment is an effective way for your business to connect with consumers on an emotional level and create a positive association with your brand. It allows you to reach a large audience in a cost-effective way, and target specific demographics.


ITZ Media specializes in this kind of marketing, especially for web series, documentary and reality shows. One recent examples is this show we did for Keller Williams of Naples called "Millionaire Agent."

Here's a recap of Season 1:

If you're interested in marketing your business better with branded entertainment, get in touch with us today. You will never have so much fun growing your business.


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