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Why a blog?

OMG is it 2003? Why does a modern video company have a blog?

Before you judge too harshly. We hope to be much more than a blog. Well, that and a blog is a really easy way to improve a website's SEO. Here are a few key reasons why we have a blog, and how a blog can really help anyone.

  • Help Clients Out

Whether this is your first video project or your hundredth of the year, you're going to have questions about your video production company. This blog will be a simple way for clients to find the answers they need quickly and easily. We're not hard to get ahold of; whether by chat, phone, email or even dropping by our studio - you can reach us, but we believe in providing a frictionless experience from beginning to end. So if this works for you, you're welcome, and if not - I hope you still get what you came to our website for.

  • Keep an Archive of Our Work

We realized, social media is great, but its not as organized as we'd like. Keeping a journal of our key projects also provides clients a case study of what they can expect with their project. One question we invariably get asked is, can you show us some of your work relating to "this" and we have to dig up some links and provide context to the prospective client for the video. This may take that step out of the process by providing real world case studies here.

  • Provide News and Updates

This could be something small, like adding a new team member or camera to our family or something bigger like that TV Show or Documentary sizzle is green lit to be green lit for Hulu. It could happen! The only way you might find out though is if you read about it here. So part tooting our own horn, but also allowing clients to keep in touch, even if they don't have any projects that need our attention right now.

Anyway. I'll try to keep these short and post regularly. If you have any topics you would like to see, leave us a comment and you might see it here next time.


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