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a123VideographyIf you’re looking for the best video production company in Cape Coral, Florida then ITZ Media is the perfect choice. ITZ Media has some of the most experienced film and television specialists in South Florida, ready to provide you with exceptional video production and editing services. We also have two locations, in Naples and Cape Coral, and a 4,000 square foot studio that features green screens, Ultra High Definition (4K) capability, as well as drones and action cameras. Our convenience, equipment, experience, and professionalism is what sets us apart from other video production companies in Cape Coral.

For immediate assistance, call us now at (917) 375-6527.

Our team of 8 dedicated video professionals will help you produce an entertaining or informative video by:

• Developing and perfecting a script
• Scouting and hiring actors
• Building and arranging a set
• Producing and recording the video
• Editing and scoring the video
• Promoting the video with an integrated TV, web, and print campaign


video-camera-film-e1469457690447-768x640Because ITZ Media has more than 15 years of experience in the industry, we can assist with all the steps needed to produce, edit, and promote your next video. Whether you need a professional commercial for your business or are looking for a fully-equipped video production studio to rent, we should be your first choice in Cape Coral.

Video is one of the best ways to engage an audience. You can create a professional commercial to sell your product, an infomercial to inform consumers, or an animated video to entertain. Whatever your video goal, ITZ Media can help you achieve it.

We’ll provide you access to

• South Florida’s best video producers
• High-definition video production equipment
• Green screens, drones, and action cameras
• Qualified video editors and video makers
• Industry-leading post-production software
• Experienced video promotion specialists


In addition to the best video equipment, technology, and production team in Cape Coral, we also offer exceptional customer service and promotion packages. We understand how difficult it can be to turn a creative idea into reality, but we’ll use our experience, knowledge, and skills to help you accomplish your goals.


ITZ Media is Cape Coral’s best video production company. We’ve worked with national networks like TLC, TruTV, OWN, Discovery Channel, and Bravo. We’re now ready to work on your video project. Call us today at (917) 375-6527 to get started!



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